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Brazil grill, trip wellness

“There’s just a little garlic in the sauce,” our waitress said, but even a tiny amount would have made the rest of Grandma’s trip an agony of stomach aches and fatigue. The server didn’t understand. With a little persistence, dinner was ordered and the kitchen prepared a special entree that was delicious and allergen free. “Traveling with allergies takes a bit more diligence than staying home, but having allergies is no reason to keep from exploring the world.” Eating Out In the U.S. misinformed waitstaff are becoming more rare. The National Restaurant Association has an online course to educate and  [ Read More ]

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Jennifer Barclay, author of Falling in Honey

  When I first ventured to Greece it was with a backpack and minimal planning.  My fellow and I spent a few days wandering around Athens, then boarded a ferry to Crete and I pretended to be an expat living there. I came home with a fantasy of returning to rent a small house on a hillside overlooking the impossibly blue sea and paint and write from that vantage point. Haven’t made it back yet, but Jennifer Barclay has made expat living on a small Greek island, Tilos in fact, a reality. Recently Jennifer and I connected via Skype for  [ Read More ]

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Tequilla girl, Trip Wellness

It used to be crazy, easy fun. You’d leave San Diego for some Rn’R with a few friends, your drivers license and some cash. The road to Ensenada was swift and Hussong’s Cantina beckoned. Carousing to mariachi’s and rock n’roll, drinking to all hours, sleeping when needed – spring break travel was easy but that was a simpler time. Getting away from school, hitting the road, finding some sunshine – all sounds like fun, but doing it with care will get you home with great memories instead of stories of woe. The freedom of spring break travel to Mexico has  [ Read More ]

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travel packing tips, trip wellness

It was the trip of a lifetime; I was going diving in Indonesia with a dedicated group of bubble blowing shutterbugs.  Most of my previous trips were bare bones, comfortable but budget level and I’ve enjoyed every minute, but now I was to be a guest for a week in a dive resort in a remote location. With all the gear necessary, packing as light as possible was necessary and I needed some travel packing tips to do it well. Our tour leader recommended that since we’d be spending so much time in the water, swim suits, shorts and t-shirts  [ Read More ]

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brazil, rio carnival, sambadrom dancers, trip wellness

Mardi Gras is a wild time in New Orleans and celebrated across America but its inspiration, and one of the biggest parties on the planet, is the Carnival in Rio when the graceful, historic city is overtaken with Samba and Caiparinha’s (more on that below). I was amazed to find myself in the middle of it this year. Museums close. Cathedrals lock their door behind fences and the frenzy roars through neighborhoods all over the city during the days before Lent begins with street parties (costumed crowds gather until critical mass hits) and private events(some ticketed and dearly for the  [ Read More ]

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trip wellness, map hearts

Can distance make the heart grow stronger? It didn’t feel like it when I stood in the airport concourse and watched my boyfriend walk away. I was launching into a new life, new job, a new state and knew we’d see each other often but unless one of us changed our plans, the prognosis for a long term, long distance relationship didn’t look good. No one has ever recommended a long distance love affair – unless they’re secretly or subconsciously hoping to break up. With the rigors of super-commuting and business travel, or a dozen other reasons, many couples make  [ Read More ]

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LAX lady

In a country that defines itself by levels of stress, it seems that taking a vacation would be the antidote. Not so according to a new survey called the ‘American Travel Pulse’. Cheap flights.com does explorers a service each year by researching how travelers are doing and their new survey reveals a lot about American travel habits and concerns. The top five questions that cause kinks in U.S. citizen’s vacation are: We paid how much? Did you remember to bring the passports/the tickets? Did you remember to turn off the water/the gas / the electricity? How much longer? Do you  [ Read More ]

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flat tire

It was a last minute deal. I booked the car rental deal while sitting in the airport at noon before our Friday flight. The car was waiting for us when we landed and the daily rate was fantastic. The rental would hit our wallet for less than $100 over the long weekend. A bargain! But sometimes even careful planning can be scuttled by fate or the fact that certain new cars do not come with spare tires. While Enterprise Rental did their best to up-sell us at every turn (I get it – they are a business), we simply claimed  [ Read More ]

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Alaska blue

I was visiting friends in St. Petersburg, Alaska when I heard the story. A couple had landed there, their suitcases filled with shorts and t-shirts and suddenly stepped into a chilly northern climate. Where was the sun, the tropical beach? Their agent had booked their trip for the wrong state! They had planned a vacation in St. Petersburg, Florida but what seemed like a great travel deal sent them to the other side of the continent. That was long before travelers were able to arrange their own trips using the internet. Today, those with time and patience can comb the  [ Read More ]

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Ideal Global Life Speaker

Have you’ve always wanted to travel, or have the freedom to ? The Small Planet Studio has put together an amazing group of experts to help you do that. I’m honored to be joining them. Here’s a few of the details: It’s happening with four sessions daily from Monday, January 13th to the 17th from noon to 3 pm (EST) ONLINE. It’s free and there are some great gifts included. Register here  The master mind behind the summit is the founder of the Small Planet Studio, Cate Brubaker. I had the pleasure of speaking with her about living globally on  [ Read More ]

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Welcome to Changi

Airports can make you feel like a lemming. Keep in line, one foot in front of the other and eventually you expect to get where you’re going. As an international flier, it’s even more mind numbing to run a gauntlet of long layovers in multiple boarding lounges before getting to your destination. So, it was a great surprise when I landed in Singapore’s Changi Airport and found that a 14 hour layover wasn’t long enough. Barring bad weather, international travelers suffer the longest transfer delays between flights. The Singapore designers knew this and their challenge has been making the space  [ Read More ]

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Jeffrey Sapinza

It’s a couple of days before Christmas and the sky’s a classic blue, so bright it hurts and cloudless. I’m in Perris, California with a family determined to go sky diving together. Hanging out in the waiting lounge after watching the training videos, the man sitting next to me starts explaining why he’s there.  Both of his feet are wrapped in bandages and thick, blue prosthetic boots reach up from his soles to calves. A pair of crutches are perched on the couch when we start commiserating about how long a wait it’ll be before his skydiving plane takes off.  [ Read More ]

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mission inn lights

This time of year there can be so much pressure to keep visiting  family and friends entertained. Consider a short road trip, if you find yourself in the Southern California area, and get everyone out of the house for a few hours to enjoy holiday light shows together. It was a ritual with my family. We’d pile in the car at least once every year to slowly venture through the neighborhoods with the best light displays. If you plan well and feel intrepid, try out one of the handful of holiday light shows below. They’re an inexpensive way to spend  [ Read More ]

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Linda Cruse Humanitarian

You can be the change in the Philippines –Download PDF: Linda Cruse Philippines Listen to the interview with Linda from The Gathering Road Podcast with Elaine J. Masters Linda Cruse didn’t set out to become a Humanitarian, but a sudden encounter with temporary blindness turned her perspective on life around. She realized how important it was to not just have a job for money, but to follow her heart, which had been metaphorically blinded by stress in an unfulfilling corporate position. Today she uses her nursing skills and what she learned in that corporate job to become an acclaimed international  [ Read More ]

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Kasawari Banquet

Coming home from vacation wearing a few extra pounds can be a disappointment. Luckily, there are easy ways to maintain a healthy diet while away from home. Here’s some tips for to help you stay healthy while on vacation. Flying The meals offered during your flight are often prepackaged, processed meals that are full of sodium. To avoid consuming unhealthy foods during your flight, eating a healthy meal beforehand is critical. If you are too rushed to eat before your flight, packing healthy snacks like raw almonds or protein bars is a must. Other ways to stay healthy before and  [ Read More ]

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