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Visiting Seattle’s Pike Place Market

If you love travel, finding off-beat and unique destinations, sampling exotic as well as regional cuisines and exploring our planet’s beautiful natural riches, then we have a lot in common.

I started this site to help others travel well as I have been honing that skill over decades of wanderlust. I’ve backpacked in Sri Lanka, dug into fresh caught Dungeness crab with my bare hands, sampled molecular gastronomy at five-star resorts and communed with underwater worlds from Fiji to Cozumel.

Some of my favorite people are fellow travelers and armchair travelers who love words. We get each other. I hope you’ll stay in touch and keep returning to see what else has popped up on my travel radar. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Happy travels!

Elaine J. Masters


About Elaine J. Masters:

  • Freelance travel writer, blogger, and Podcast Associate Producer on the Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer on NPR.
  • Indie Excellence Award Best Audio, NATJA 2015 Bronze Medal Award for Internet Luxury & Leisure Travel Writing, Society of Professional Journalists San Diego Chapter Blog Honorable Mention, Bob’s Top 100 Best Blogs Bronze Award
  • Favorite topics: Quirky adventures, cultural discoveries, traveling well, scuba diving and culinary explorations.
  • Interview with Elaine about life and adventures on Travel Notes and Beyond.
Elaine Masters, Ziplining,Trip Wellness

Ziplining at Isla Mujeres, Garafalon Park

Experience: Elaine’s written for many online publications including Trivago, Hipmunk, Roam Right, Gayot Publications, for San Diego Dining Out Magazine, and many guest posts. She’s currently a member of IFWTWA, NATJA, the Travel Massive San Diego founder and co-host, and became a certified Yoga Teacher while self-publishing Drivetime Yoga & Flytime Yoga books and audio. (LINKS BELOW)

Other life experiences informing her writing include a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco State, being a Radio Drama Producer at several SE Alaska and Oregon Public Radio Stations which led to a National Commendation Award from American Women in Radio & TV. Her first love for the performing arts led to a late degree in theater from Cornish College of the Arts and nearly a decade as a professional actress in theater, film, and voice over work in the Northwest before moving to San Diego.

Podcast: Associate producer on the Lowell Thomas Award-winning podcast, Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer; previously host of the top ten podcast, The Gathering Road on the Women’s Radio Network, which included over 100 interviews with travel experts and expert travelers. It’s also available on the iTunes Podcast directory and Stitcher.

Elaine Masters, Trip Wellness, Teotihuacan

One of many visits to Teotihuacan, Mexico

In 2014 she produced the San Diego Travel Festival as an affiliate of Trav Fests International drawing together over 26 speakers and organizing a team producing four days of events.

She is the Indie Excellence award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga, book and CD as part of her mission to inspire travelers go far, often  and well.

Flytime Yoga, is her illustrated travel ease flight plan, booklet and passport wallet. It includes the Flight Bite cards – 90 Second Stress Busters.

Elaine Masters, Trip Wellness, diving Fiji

Diving off Bequ Island, Fiji


Writing Samples include:

Dining Out San Diego magazine

Travel Massive San Diego:

Elaine is co-host of Travel Massive San Diego, one of over 60 world wide chapters, connecting local travel industry professionals and travel writers / bloggers. Always free and at various San Diego venues.

Travel: Elaine has traveled the world in dozens of different vehicles and grew up taking road trips around the North American continent. An early six month sabbatical backing the world whetted her appetite for living and working in different regions. She’s lived along the west coast of North America in most of the major cities from Juneau, Alaska to San Diego, her home port now. Tropical water is her second love and she scuba dives every chance she can – the cool trenches off Point Loma, San Diego, to Shark dives in Fiji, Indonesia and Mexico, with more destinations to come.

Drivetime Yoga and Flytime Yoga – books and audio:

“I found Drivetime Yoga not only informative and easy to understand but a great antidote for the stress of my daily patrol routine.” – Police Lt. & Author, Randy Sutton

“After talking with Elaine, and reading the Drivetime Yoga book, I can see where these stretches and breathing can even help when I’m riding the bus or sitting at a desk…So, if you haven’t checked out Drivetime Yoga, go take a look. It could just add some much needed calmness and relaxation to your daily commute.” Becky Scott, Contributing Editor, AskPatty.com, Automotive Advice for Women.

Flytime Yoga selected as the Hot New Idea by Meetings & Conventions Magazine:

“Flying for any length of time can leave travelers aching, but a few stretches during the journey might prevent the pain. Flytime Yoga is a booklet by author, speaker and yogi Elaine Masters, who provides safe, simple stretches for before, during and after the flight.” – John Vatner, Meetings & Conventions Magazine

“Thank you so much for introducing my Board of Directors to yoga.  You did a great job and they loved it.  They were still talking about at dinner that night. I look forward to working with you again.”   Karen Fricke,  Executive Director, Apartment Association Greater Inland Empire


Get where you’re going feeling great!

Whether it’s your daily trip or the trip of a lifetime, whether you commute by car, airplane, or simply run errands, wouldn’t you love to ease your sore back, sore shoulders, calm freeway frustration or the stress of flying? You’ve found the site to safely and simply be more productive, happy and healthy. Below are several blog articles about travel and the Travel blogs for local and international trips. For the award-winning Drivetime Yoga book and CD’s, the Flytime Yoga booklet and passport wallet, travel stress aromatherapy and more visit our site.

Flytime Yoga helps me enjoy flying  more without worrying about DVT. I have less flight fatigue and recovery time. You can too. Let me know how the techniques work for you!

Elaine Masters,  Award-winning author, speaker and international traveler. Info@TripWellness.com, Twitter: @tripwellness, Trip Well Meetup, Instagram: tripwellgal and Facebook/Pinterest: ElaineJ.Masters


Many thanks to the following fellow travelers who’ve helped to make Trip Wellness possible:

Alejandra Phelts, Painter

Many thanks to Mexican artist, Alejandra, for her generosity and delightful artwork for the Trip Wellness Banner and Logo.

Jere Smith, Painter

Many thanks to Seattle artist, Jere Smith, for his fun and unique “Neocompostmodern Iconoclassism” perspective and especially for his artwork for the Drivetime Yoga book cover and illustrations.

Julie Garner, Physical Therapist/Ergonomic Consultant

Without Julie’s inspiration and support, Trip Wellness would never have taken off. Thanks doesn’t say it fully.

Dave Rudie, Photographer, Dive Buddy, Fishmonger



  • Hi Elaine,
    I’m a fellow NATJA member. Just read your delicious dive into the food scene in one of our all time favorite cities, New Orleans. Thank you for taking me there without one single calorie to regret! It was yummy and I love your work!

  • Hi Elaine,
    I don’t travel very much, but your blog is great! Also I think we may be cousins. If your Father’s last name was Garner and had a brother named Forrest, they were cousins to my Mother, May. My sister told me about your blog.

    Happy Travels!


  • Hi there – nice to meet you via the Facebook group linkup. Just wanted to say hello as I am a fellow San Diego blogger – as hard as it is to leave this town sometimes, I share your love for travel! Look forward to keeping in touch, and I can’t wait to check out Flytime Yoga – it sounds right up my alley 🙂

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  • Any improvement, be it American, or from East is welcome.

    I think that is Yoga (meaning union ).

    That is the way life flows – life grows.

  • I applaud you
    ..when I was sudying Hata Yoga with a Swami Param, my teacher was often “infuriated” with the commercialization of what as become today know simply as Yoga,and often without any capitalization.
    I watched, and from my part wondered as to why a Holy man could almost lose his temper over such commercialization & trivialization & misinterpretation of YOGA…it didnt coincide with
    the peacefulness he was preaching.
    I watched and waited.
    And inevitably – in the uniquely constant, & unchangeable American fashion – America,driven by greed, DID change everything…
    I applaud, as I always have, because I knew that though the drive is greed our creativity INEVITABLY brings some uniquely American good change/improvement…

    • Thank you for your comment and perspective, Adolfo. I truly mean no disrespect for the lineage of Yoga Masters. I credit them in my book, encourage traditional practices and, as a multi-decade meditator, know that any way to bring wisdom and presence into our daily activities can only enhance our existence. So, American ‘improvement’ ? I can’t say, but it works for me and is offered in service. With a ‘rolling’ namaste, I wish you all the best. Elaine Masters

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