• Great post! We all love travel, but traveling+doing good/helping local communities it´s already a more profound experience. It´s all made me think of how we all could go on making our world a better place by doing these kind of things…

  • Wow, this is really inspiring! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • This sounds like a really interesting initiative. Although I fully commend anyone who spends their holiday(s) volunteering, I do agree that these kind of programmes need to be more sustainable. It’s really interesting to see that these Hubs are located all around the world. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be looking into this further.

  • Very interesting! Definitely agree–volunteering and giving back should be a lifestyle. It’s great to volunteer both at home and while traveling! The TSG Global Summit sounds like a fantastic summit!

    • We’re lucky that volunteerism is becoming more available. I didn’t look for or find that on recent trips given the short time frame but will in the future. Giving back locally is important at home or anyplace we travel too.

  • Hi, nice and inspiring person – thanks for sharing the story. And the Global Summit sounds amazing, too!

  • Very commendable work and very interesting. Checked out the Social good website and where the hubs are. Great thing to be involved in if you are interested in making a difference.

  • I like the idea that sustainable tourism starts locally. The idea of the this being a lifestyle is so true. There are so many decisions we make every day that impact communities near and far. Being educated about how to choose is important. Even though the summit has past, I bookmarked the page to read more about it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great story and kudos for being a pioneer in the field. I was not aware of Travel Social Good summit and it sounds like a wonderful thing. Keep on making a difference. We should all follow suit.

    • Thanks, Melody. Kelley Louise is to be applauded. She’s set her life on a course of service and is making a true impact that serves all of us who love to travel and want to preserve the places we visit.

  • I was a little unclear- are there opportunities in the US as well as abroad? Like you said, not everyone can travel around the globe, but many people do vacation w/in the US and there are so many areas even there that could use help. Would be a great thing for those who can’t go across the pondL

    • Yes, LeAnna, there are hubs in the United States and where there isn’t one you could create it. I visited with one of the organizers of the Chicago hub and if I were more involved in BtoB travel industry, I’d set one up in my hometown. I hope you connect.

  • Beautiful thoughts. I think because I tend to book my accommodations with Airbnb, the locations tend to be in a local neighbourhood. I find that when I buy anything from food to accesories its going to the locals. I like the idea of giving back to your local community. I do that here in Toronto. Great post!

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