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On a remote island in Thailand, I perched in a comfortable bamboo hut above massive boulders and a gently lapping, tropical bay. As the sun set, I could hear a didgeridoo. The thrumming rhythm was courtesy of my German neighbor, his head full of dreadlocks. We toasted to the night, each raising our plastic bottled water.

The next day I climbed up to the platform restaurant and beyond when an acrid aroma hit me. Smoke was billowing into view. As I climbed over the crest, the view swerved from tranquility to trash. This was the inn owner’s dump where they burnt my leftover plastic water bottle. It was 1991.

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this review but a GoPure capsule to test.

Go pure bottled water purifier

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It was a problem then – toxic fumes, no infrastructure for waste, reliance on foreign sources for basic needs and a rising tide of plastic waste in our oceans and in our bodies. Drinking plastic bottled water is a bigger problem twenty-five five years later.

That’s why I was curious about the GoPure pod. On the plastic water bottle front, it not only saves money but one pod also keeps 2,000 plastic water bottles out of our environment. It lasts up to six months and can treat up to 264 gallons of water.

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I knew that having an easy way to purify water while traveling would be a big plus. There are concerns about drinking tap water in the US but also around the world. The pod rids water of these dangerous impurities so you can have peace of mind that the water you’re drinking is clean, safe and tastes delicious.

There are other benefits I discovered while using it at home. Refilling my BPA free water bottle daily has become a new ritual. I’ve been drinking more water and making sure to drink the full bottle of water each day. That’s great for skin and organs. I’ve begun traveling with it and as long as I keep the bottle clean, don’t lose the pod, and have tap water to draw from, this should keep me well hydrated for months.

A little of the science* behind the GoPure bottled water purifier:
  •  The PuriBloc pod is a well-designed device manufactured under GMP. It is simple and convenient to use.
  •  A wide range of tests on the PuriBloc pod and its components demonstrate a marked ability and efficacy in reducing bacterial numbers in water. This property still remains for over 6 months whilst in constant use.
  • There is also an effect of raising pH and alkalinity of water which can improve the taste.
  • An exceptional capacity for removal of health risk contaminants by the PuriBloc pod has been demonstrated at high loading levels. This is a dramatic feature in light of current global anxiety over such contaminants.
  • Trace minerals are released from the pod but will depend on equilibrium dynamics of the prior mineral content of the water. This may also serve to enhance the taste*
* Data sources 
Product Safety Data Sheet Customer’s information Sheet. NanoHorizons In-house tests re
port 16/4/2015 CAL Ltd Report of June 2013 Moyne Institute Laboratory Reports of February and October 2014 Waterford Institute of Technology Report on ICP analyses of water post-PuriBloc exposure City Analysts Report of June 2013 NanoHorizons GMP certificate NanoHorizons In-house tests report 16/4/2015 Ceramtec GMP certificate AquaNu High Porosity Ceramic Overview. Report by The Potable Water and Hygiene Laboratory, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Federal Republic of Germany 11/4/2014


  • Plastic water bottles are terrible – I see so many polluting the ocean, especially in Asia. I’m trying to drink more water too. 🙂

  • Indeed, finding safe and portable water in Southeast Asia can be challenging. In Thailand, we used GRAYL water purifiers and that helped us drink safely, while not buying bottled water. The idea of using a capsule seems intriguing. Will look into it further!

  • We’ve been long overdue to ditch plastic, and not only that which holds our bottled water. This looks like a good option for travelers, will definitely check it out.

  • We try not to use plastic bottles, aPuriBloc capsule is something I have not heard of. Thanks for sharing. We use a copper jug at home to hold the water overnight, it purifies the water and is also good for you.

  • This is something that I am becoming more and more conscious of, especially after spending time in Asia where my water consumption increased considerably. I think it is time to look into something like this and I love the fact that it lasts for such a long period of time.

  • The Go Pure bottle is a great product not only for protecting the environmental but for our health as well. I am going to try it, for sure.

  • Go Pure bottled water purifier seems like a great idea. I am very aware of the problems created by the plastic waste. The only problem that remains is giving up the convenience of having a plastic bottle to carry your water around when you travel. I only use glass bottles at home (which I wash and refill), but when I travel I find it much easier to have a plastic bottle with me. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Ah, so true… I’ve been making a very conscious effort to eliminate bottled water from our lives. Scary to see what kind of impact the plastic bottles are having on our environment. Go Pure seems perfect for traveling. I’ll have to look into it for our summer camping trip.

  • I care about the environment and I already have something similar to the go pure! I’ve moved away from plastic bottles a while ago. I’ve looked a bit more into this product and I’m going to get one as well, as not only removes lead, arsenic, chlorine but it also improves the ph of the water. Great find!

  • If only everyone would stop using so many disposable water bottles our environment would be a better place for it. The GoPure looks like a great product to use and 6 months of use is awesome

  • I have to be thankful that now that I live in Europe, I drink less bottled water. We always drink from the tap, or reuse our bottles. In America, I used to buy boat loads of bottled water and throw them away after each use. I guess the switch came after I saw an interesting documentary of a young boy who had created this floating net machine to trap bottles and trash new Australia I think. Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  • This sounds like a great product. I purchased an electric purifier some years ago so I wouldn’t have to keep buying plastic bottles of water but it is a bit of a pain to use. I think I might give the Go Pure a try instead.

  • Thanks for sharing! I am always on the look out for convenient ways to purify water as I hate using plastic bottles all the time when we travel. We always travel with our own bottles, so I’ll have to give this a try! Sounds like a great way to get good water!

  • I hate plastic bottles. I feel like I’m on a constant mission to encourage people to use reusable water bottles. This looks like a wonderful alternative!

  • I have never used a water purifier but do tend to use as little plastic bottles as possible and always recycle them. Definitely keen to try one soon! Will check it out.

  • Water purifiers are a must for those who find themselves on the road a lot- especially if you like to trek (and save the environment). Great review!

  • I agree plastic bottles are a huge (and growing issue). I have not heard about this go pure capsule before. So I guess it is like a portable water filter. It sounds like a great idea, that I will have to try. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  • I so agree we need to all cut back on plastic bottled water. We actually only drink bottled water when we are traveling, I didn’t know about this go pure system! We have to get it! It’s not only going to save us money but it helps us stop using so much plastic! I love this!

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