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Happy drivingHere are some recent posts full of driving tips. More are listed under the Categories. Enjoy the ride!

Choosing Road Refuge over Road Rage:

Simple, small and safe tips to help you arrive ready to play, ready to work.


Mastering Disaster: Strategies when driving

Here are some items in my growing list of what it means to be prepared for the unthinkable. Being prepared can make you a more confident and calm driver should a natural disaster or a car accident occur. I’ve witnessed a few car accidents and hope never to be injured. Statistically, driving is safer than many other modes of transportation. Keeping what you might need with you ‘just in case,’ is always a good idea.


Tips for the Holiday Road Trip 

Get ready for crowded roads! The American Automobile Club tells us that more than 24 million, American drivers will be traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. Here are a few strategies to help you stay present, calm and arrive ready to enjoy the holiday.


Stretching on the road

When you’re on the road it’s not always possible to get in a full Yoga practice or find a class. Find a few stretches to do daily, no matter where you are. It’s very important to work on your flexibility consistently to avoid injuries and stay healthy. I’m a big fan of a few stretches every day, even in bed and especially using the floor to ease sore hip and back muscles – the very areas that suffer most from long hours of travel.


Driving tips to deal with scary drivers!

Ever been in the car when the driver flies into a rage over something that’s happened on the road? It affects everyone, causing anxiety and tension that wasn’t there a few moments earlier and it will take some time to recover. Here are some tips to help and to understand how to cope when traveling with others.


Fight fatigue with a simple stoplight spinal twist

Stuck in traffic or at endless red lights? Take control and feel better by doing a safe, simple spinal twist at a stoplight to refresh your energy and ease back pain. There are many small, specific stretches to help you stay comfortable while traveling. A little can go a long way!



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