Driving Tips

Happy drivingHere are some recent posts full of driving tips. More are listed under the Categories. Enjoy!

Choosing Road Refuge over Road Rage:

Simple, small and safe tips to help you arrive ready to play, ready to work.


Mastering Disaster: Strategies when driving

Here’s some items in my growing list of what it means to be prepared for the unthinkable.


Tips for the Holiday Road Trip – November, 2010

With the AAA telling us that 24 million drivers will be traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, get ready for some crowded roads. Here are a few strategies to help you stay present, calm and arrive ready to play.


Waking up and stretching on the road – November, 2010

When you’re on the road it’s not always possible to get in a full Yoga practice or find a class but it’s very important to work on your flexibility consistently to avoid injuries and maintain health.


Scary drivers! – October, 2010

Ever been in the car when the driver flies into a rage over something that’s happened on the road? It effects everyone, causing anxiety and tension that wasn’t there a few moments earlier and it will take some time to dissolve.


Fight fatigue with a simple stoplight spinal twist –

Stuck in traffic or at endless red lights? Take control and feel better by doing a safe, simple spinal twist at the stoplight to refresh your energy and ease back pain.


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