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Welcome! 'Go easy, travel well' is more than a motto, it's a mission. Travel to a new place across the planet or to a new neighborhood and we feel more alive. Our senses open up to new experiences that are masked in our everyday lives. Traveling well takes practice and changes as our style adapts. It includes being conscious of the impact and privilege of adventure, taking care of the places we love to visit, and connecting with those who call those places home. This blog is deep with stories, tips, and reviews from decades of travel. I hope you enjoy it! Let's go far, often and do it well together.

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Elaine J. Masters

Elaine J. Masters, travel writer / tripwellgal on the road

Love travel? I'm a culture and culinary adventure writer/vlogger, with my bag packed near the door and passport in hand. My mission is to help us connect to each other and to our beautiful planet. With conscious travel we take care of it; preserving the wildlife, places, and people we love. Let's go far, often and do it well.


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