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Welcome! 'Get going and go well' is more than a motto, it's a mission. Traveling well takes practice and changes as we do. To travel well is to be conscious of the impact and privilege of adventure, taking care of the places we love to visit, and connecting with those who call those places home. This blog is deep with stories, tips, and reviews from decades of travel. Come back often!

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Starting over. It’s a delicious prospect, isn’t it? A do-over, begin again and step...



Come forage on the lowest tide in a year!
Shot in La Jolla just before sunset. -2 foot tide and San Diegans came out in force.

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So many delights. I took the morning off to enjoy high tea with friends at Bliss Tea Treats. The chilly day faded from the moment I stepped into this bright, Mardi Gras cafe and relaxed over tasty treats and conversation. It's a special spot steps from the train station in downtown Oceanside. And leave time to walk down to the pier about 5 minutes away.

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Step through the village markets of Oaxaca - A quick glimpse of the local colors and crafts.

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Moonlight in the morning (Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA) on the day between storms.

My heart goes out to those impacted by the recent rains, but California is a big state and San Diego is doing well. May dams hold, reservoirs fill, floods subside, and the mega-drought be relinquished to history.

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The Danzante unfolds in front of the Teotitlan Cathedral. Each dancer trains for 3 years and performs over 7 hours on the Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe.

I was lucky to attend as it began. With special thanks to Kalisa Wells and the people of Teotitlan, Oaxaca.

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A moment in the museum at San Bartolo Coyotepec where black clay pottery is the star, but the gallery full of whimsical sculptures by Effrain Fuentes touched me with childlike joy. I'm standing next to 'A Traves de Lentes.'

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Oaxaca stonework in village & town.
A resilient collaboration.

Happy New Year.

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#stackedstone #riverstone

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On the shortest day of the year, make every second count! Happy Winter Solstice*

I'm not doing anything glamorous but cleaning, prepping the house, and setting up the kitchen for family arriving soon. Of course, writing Christmas posts, too. All with a heart full of gratitude and hope.

*Picture from the village of Teotitlan looking across the corn fields to the spires of the neighboring village.

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Elaine J. Masters, travel writer / tripwellgal on the road

Once we overcome the virus, the world will be waiting. Travelers know one thing - how to pivot and we will. We'll travel again and whether it's a short road trip or across the planet, I'll be here to help putting my years of travel to work. The Tripwellgal mission remains: to help us connect with our beautiful planet and each other with care and wonder. Stay in touch and happy travels!


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