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Safe and sustainable – Best girls scuba diving in Indonesia

That’s a giant jellyfish, I thought while drifting through the warm waters of Lembeh Straits, Indonesia. Paddling closer my heart raced as I worked to keep track of my dive buddies. Most, like me, were girls scuba diving in Indonesia for the first time. My excitement was soon crushed as I discovered that the floating white mass was actually a plastic bag. It bounced in the current as I came near to spear it with my pointer. A swift twist later it collapsed and I shoved it into my BC vest pocket. Over the next five days, that pocket...

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Where to find the most unique bunny encounters worldwide

Inside the Bunny Museum’s adults-only gallery They’re cuddly and soft and come spring they pop up everywhere. Cottontails jump across parks, golf courses, along creek beds and turn up in pet shops. Candies and jellies sprout long ears and chocolate rabbits lose their heads regularly. Bunnies are loved around the world and through antiquity. There are holidays, celebrations and cartoons full of bunnies. I once had a pet bunny. It grew into an armful and one day leaped out of my arms leaving tears and red tracks on my skin. Sometimes bunnies can be scary. Ask anyone who’s seen...

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Women’s ways – The best village food and handicrafts in Jordan

 A first time visitor in the Middle East arrives with so many questions. I was curious about authentic handicrafts in Jordan, the food, and especially the women. On a Friday night in the Amman Souk, there were a few women in traditional dress with mingling with foreigners and compatriots dressed in Western styles. They were shopping in small groups or relaxing with their families. While traveling through the country, I met women working in shops and businesses; in homes and tents. They were always in motion, tending to children, cooking, teaching or creating something. Women are that way no matter...

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DIY Travel – A Cabo San Lucas Beach Vacation Itinerary

With it’s rich history, beckoning beaches, food traditions and intense natural beauty, the Cabo San Lucas region is a star of bucket lists and dreams. Decades of reports paint it as an out-of-control, Mexican Las Vegas but a Cabo San Lucas Beach vacation doesn’t have to be full of noisy resorts and wild parties. If that’s what you’re looking for you’ll find it, but the southern tip of  this Baja Peninsula has much more to offer.  . Every trip has it’s own personality. If you’re into DIY travel and planning a trip to Mexico, begin with a few anchors....

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Looking for the best coffee? Come along on a Caffeine Crawl

I thought drinking coffee was a caffeine delivery system and a delicious ritual. How wrong I was. My education began four years ago during a Caffeine Crawl and I just attended the fifth San Diego tour. I wasn’t jonesing for more nervous energy (I enjoy a morning brew and that’s plenty) but it sounded fun and interesting. The 2014 tour was a first for San Diego and organized by The Lab in Kansas City. Founder, Jason Burton, has led 65 events searching for the best coffee in cities across the country and the number would be higher but he took...

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