Pop up bites and sips: Opah meatballs, granola greens , white and red sangria.

Pop up entrees: Opah meatballs, granola greens, white and red sangria.

Food! It’s a perfect way to connect with a culture, return you to past travels or to support a local effort. These bites and sips have been curated for your taste and visual pleasure!

Comfort food:
Who can argue that food brings comfort and rekindles memories? These 12 Comfort Food Stops will bring help make your trip one to savor for a lifetime: http://www.tripwellness.com/best-comfort-food/

Tea Travels with Dharlene Fahl: http://www.tripwellness.com/tea-travels-with-dharlene-fahl/

Sustainability and Causes:

The culinary scene across the United States and in Baja, Mexico is percolating with new ways to enjoy harvests, to support worthy causes, to promote sustainable uses – all deliciously.

San Diego:

More than a feast it’s a cause: http://www.tripwellness.com/more-than-a-feast-its-a-cause-collaboration-kitchen/

Pop up dinner for good: Re:Source http://www.tripwellness.com/waste-not-pop-up-dinner-resource-san-diego/

North America bites and sips


Fort Bragg, California: Diving for Abalone and the feast that followed: http://wp.me/p5bq8r-1Ji

Los Angeles: Clifton’s in Downtown Los Angeles reopened with new dishes and retro favorites: http://www.tripwellness.com/past-perfect-inside-cliftons-downtown-la/

Ramona Persimmon Harvesting, an annual, family trip: http://www.tripwellness.com/late-harvest-the-magic-of-the-persimmon-tree/


Portland: Often an entree into a city’s history can be found bite by bite and step by step on a food tour: http://www.tripwellness.com/portland-food-tour-an-epicurean-excursion/


Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Scene is full of energy and flush with dining delicacies: http://www.tripwellness.com/secrets-out-fort-lauderdale-restaurant-scene-is-hopping/

Illinois: Chicago Food Tour, With the city’s rich immigrant history, it’s not only about the pizza: http://www.tripwellness.com/chicago-food-tour

Louisiana: New Orleans Food for the Soul:  http://www.tripwellness.com/feasts-for-the-soul-12-spots-for-new-orleans-food-spirits/

New York Culinary Tours abound across the boroughs and these in Manhattan are a great place to start: http://www.tripwellness.com/walking-tours-in-new-york/

Texas: Houston Tex Mex and Soul Food can be savored at these local spots: http://www.tripwellness.com/houston-eateries-tex-mex-soul-food-and-bbq/


La Cocina de Dona Esthela – Delivering the Tastiest Breakfast in the World Award.

Cancun Luxury Tastings – Come along on a culinary adventure of a lifetime: http://www.tripwellness.com/cancun-luxury-tastings/

Tijuana Culture: From the elegant Caesar’s, where the salad was born, to local marketplaces, Baja cuisine is full of flavors: http://www.tripwellness.com/visiting-tijuana-treasures-of-culture-and-food/

Baja Med, A night at the museum with Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero: http://www.tripwellness.com/the-film-baja-expedition-the-mingei-museum-celebrates-chef-miguel-angel-guerrero/


Italy: The markets of Florence: http://www.tripwellness.com/eat-and-drink-through-the-markets-of-florence/

Spain: Barcelona Walking Tours: http://www.tripwellness.com/walking-barcelona-tapas-picasso-and-vineyards-of-montserrat

Eat and drink through the markets of Florence

Asia Bites and Sips


Tokyo: http://www.tripwellness.com/what-to-do-in-tokyo-visit-tsujiki-fish-market/