Sitting Stress Relief

Secret Stretches for the Shy

Once we feel there’s ‘permission’ to move, we do. Why don’t we allow ourselves to check in and stretch whenever we feel the need? Wouldn’t we all be a little happier, have less back pain and stress?

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Three ways to master flight delays

Whatever the reasons for your flight delay, make the best of the situation by carrying what you need to stay comfortable and rested. Working through these options and packing smartly will ensure that you arrive feeling great, stay productive and pain free.

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Elaine J. Masters

Elaine J. Masters, travel writer / tripwellgal on the road

Getting on? Let's keep going and go well! Join me for mindful journeys and unique culinary adventures along with travel tips galore. Like most of you, I travel solo often, and at other times with family and friends. Whatever way we go, my mission is to help us connect with our beautiful planet and peoples mindfully, with care and wonder.
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