Road Rage Remedies

Riding the Swell

Surfers do it, waiting for the right wave to roll in; sailors manage seasickness, divers avoid them – swells stir up the water and muddy visibility. Drivers?!

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Relief for uncertain times

In these uncertain times when stress levels are spiking, all your anxiety comes along for the ride. Sometimes the smallest thing can have you shouting out the window at other drivers or worse silently fuming. At a stoplight...

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Elaine J. Masters

Elaine J. Masters, travel writer / tripwellgal on the road

Getting on? Let's keep going and go well! Join me for mindful journeys and unique culinary adventures along with travel tips galore. Like most of you, I travel solo often, and at other times with family and friends. Whatever way we go, my mission is to help us connect with our beautiful planet and peoples mindfully, with care and wonder.
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